The main idea is that it is very simple to install and use. The domotic 2.0 is based on action-reaction. We call it events and reactions. The different kind of events that can be hold will be capture through a combination of hardware and software. We will call them receivers and they recycle the surrounding devices to give them usefulness.

Speaking about the actions, an open community will be opened for whoever wants to develop a plugging, for instance an infrared can be controlled by showing signals to another device which can be used to activate air-conditioning or televisions among others.

As we have comment the range of events will be opened, but some concrete examples can be:

  • dropping voltage
  • Voice receptor
  • IR or RF Signal receptor
  • Creation of a new document in a concrete folder
  • Activate a device (response by IP)
  • Deactivate a device (response by IP)
  • To detect presence
  • etc….

These events will reach the eKameno event manager, the same that the user configures according to his/her taste. Some of this events like dropping voltages are not configurable because of its condition (they are true or false). On contrast, the voice receptor can be configured in different ways. Like for example to detect noises louder than X decibels or if somebody says a certain word.

Once we configure the events we will decide which action will be associated with another. Here it is where the pluggings will come into play. To give some examples:
Play music with different styles depending on what you want.

  • To switch on/off the lights
  • To send emails
  • To send notifications/images/audio to the mobile
  • etc…

The next step will be to associate these actions with events in form of pairs:

  • Presence Detection -> send an email and notification to the mobile
  • dropping voltage -> notification through the speakers
  • Voice receptor -> (config: “Activate kitchen lights”) -> Switch on Kitchen lights
  • Presence Detection (config. “Mother”) -> put familiar photos in the pictures
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