Today is a great day for eKameno team. We have been working hard this year and finally, we are glad to present you the eKameno blog. This blog represents our team enthusiasm. Our team believes in this idea and in the capacity of a strong community to make it work.

In this launch post we will explain you what eKameno is and how you can be part of the project. Also we want to show you our community objectives. However, if you want more information about eKameno you can read “The idea” and “Philosophy” pages.

eKameno intends to change the current domotic concept in order to create the new domotic 2.0 concept. We want to break with the established rules. Nowadays if you want a domotic house you have to pay a lot of money to have it. We promote the old devices recycling in order to design your one and a domotic house without spending a lot of money. We want to offer a domotic 2.0 house accessible to all.

Would you like to talk to your house just like you do to a person? By Using eKameno you can turn on the music by giving the order with your own voice, you can turn on the heating while you are away, you can turn on the lights by a motion sensor and also you can have a security system with alarms signal in your mobile and inside home. Furthermore, you can control so many home appliances. These are some examples of the possibilities of eKameno system.

Moreover, we work in accordance with a different Philosophy and internal working mode. We promote the good ideas, the horizontality and the equity. We are creating the software based on Open Source Code and Creative Commons licenses.
It seems impossible, but it is not an utopia. Some members of eKameno are already using the software in beta version mode, so we are working on debug it.

We need you right now!

Ekameno is done by everyone for everyone. However, if we want this project to be successful we need the project to be known by a lot of people. Now you know a little bit more about eKameno, if you like it “Help us!“.

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