In one of our last reunions we have decided in consensus, as we are used to, that we are going to create a new section in ekameno’s blog. This new project is going to be a kind of personal diary in which we will pop up with our new experiences. Its pros and cons, good and bad feelings, in short, a guide of what eKameno is and will be; and how it can evolve thanks to each member of the project.

The objective of all this is to get at the end of the project a step-by-stepped guide of how launching onto the market a project and what it makes to success or to screw up, what we have done well and what we haven’t. Explaining the risks we have been running of on every decision we have taken.

Now it’s my turn and I suppose that although; we have been walking a long way, we should start from the beginning and talking about our start. I’ve never been able to read these very long posts nor even these others with lots of technical terms, so I will try to make it as simple as possible:

All this started with “the idea” like always. I was turning over the idea of an intelligent house and the configuration of different environments, even before having some knowledge about it. I’d tried some things and software but I always failed, I suppose like many people do. Technology was not advanced enough. What it’s currently happening with VR glasses.

Years later, when I was reading a book wrote by Matilde Asensi I realized things had changed; tablets, smartphones, speech recognition, NFC, etc. What it had been unaffordable a few years before, we had a good deal of them available and I saw the way of using them. I started a new mental image of the programming structure and the hierarchy. A few days later I had it so clear that I started constructing the first version whenever I had time to work on it.

About three months later I had a beta version working called Kate (the way I’ve called my house in honour of the TV serial ”Lost” ). I decided C# – Android but it was a fail! I was very happy with that system; it made everything I had thought: it controlled a Chinese IP camera, at least I could use the speakers of my house, even I had assembled the open plug-in system that nowadays is still intact, but it was only and exclusively mine. The installation was a mess, it required a lot of time and high technical knowledge. I might have improved it, but because I started to have too much work I had to give up the development. Of course, I continued using it and it became an essential part of my life.

I suppose that the real trigger for eKameno was the crisis. I had a considerable fall of work, after getting upset for a while I decided to move on and fish all these ideas I always had and I never could put into action. Today I can! As I cannot remain motionless I chose the project that I felt a surge of anger not to finish. However, I though of it in another way: “ By myself It can be lasted for years to finish it, I prefer sharing than never finish it.

So I started to look for partners….but this post has been extended too much, so better I give up this story for the next delivery…

Santi Iglesias

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