Currently ekameno is the first project which suggests, propounds and promotes the domotic 2.0 concept. We have informed to write these lines, and if we google “domotic 2.0” only 742 results appear all of them about future.

Nowadays, Domotic is based on having a remote control to be able to control all sort of things, sometimes react to some concrete events like switch on the lights when a motion detector is activated. All this always related with a concreted hardware associated with a specific brand and a software to be controlled. Well, from eKameno this vision is quite different. The model explained below may close freedom that you could have to acquire other brands or products and if you want useful functionalities the product is ALWAYS very expensive.

Domotic 2.0 which is proposed by eKameno is the opposite; to start with, it develops a plugging system 100 % open and an easy development to integrate in the system of any software or hardware developed by other company or person. This means completely freedom election for the final user.

Another system characteristic, not less important, is that the system can be modelled. eKameno increases our vision of Domotic 2.0 about allowing interaction with your surroundings in a very different way from conventional domotic. The intention is to give life to your surrounding and configure it to react to stimulus like your voice or your physical presence in a very simple way and in which a technician isn’t needed to create your ekameno surrounding. Which means, to give you an example, forgetting about remote controls, so that the music or light can be activated by speaking to your house. Or giving one step forward and giving another example, the pictures of a room can be changed depending on who enters in a specific room, all this in a very simple format to users.

What it was a utopia a few years ago. Nowadays the technology gives us the possibility of doing it, and what is better is that ekameno gives you all!

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