For lot of technical or beauty a picture has, it is worthless if it is not exposed on a wall, gallery or it is not taught. We say this because a couple of weeks ago we decided to carry out a social and public presentation which served us to make us known. Making clear that eKameno would have grown not only by word of mouth, but we also needed a support media. So we launched on the market showing our product in a beta version but making clear our future intentions and specially taking away some media fears.

For all this, we prepared an informal presentation in Majorca, among friends, curious and interested people. The beer and the relaxed atmosphere that gave us the legendary Café “Tres bandas” fit like a glove, we posed a performance, for being the first it was not bad, but as professional criticism … we could improve. The truth is that, broadly speaking, the balance is positive, although what we need to keep is the feeling that we have started and we have to go on eKamenizing people. It will be a long-term job, little by little. However, we believe that all our work will have its reward.

In this post we want to point how and what we lived during the eKameno media week, and take the chance to share with you all the links to interviews and reviews that the media offered you and enjoy them as we did.

We had planned the week that we might have done the presentation a couple of months in advance, but until the previous week we did not know the exact date and time … the key moment came, ‘Tuesday June 18th at 19pm’ … Guillem switched the machinery on travelling from Barcelona to Palma city, Santi left the beaches and lizards of Formentera to return to the Big Island, and I … I waited for them, open-armed.

After a lot of work calling the media, the resounding failure among blogger community to bring us out in their post and confirmations for attending the presentation … wham! The big day arrived and with it our last minute preparations, interview on Cadena COPE, reviews on digital like, Ondacero, IB3 TV, Channel 4 … We do not need to say much more, just say thanks for joining us and we pledge to continue making war ‘eKamenizando at that price’.


Presentation Link:
eKameno Little, on Prezi!

Media summary:
IB3tv Informational Interview
Interview in Ondacero
Trending topic in Canal4 Interview
At last we went on Meneame
Cadena Cope Interview

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