eKameno is a digital platform that aims to provide the user the control of every home device through a single platform which is really easy to use.

Can you imagine controlling all home devices and appliances with your mobile? Or much better, with your voice! This is eKameno and it will be an open source project! eKameno will have a CreativeCommons license, so you will be able to copy or download it for free. Our goal is to promote new ideas and the latest innovations on domotic 2.0 in order to implant the benefits that this technology can provide us in our daily routine.

You can download the REMOTE App in your smartphone with just a few clicks, and you will be able to use it just in a few minutes. Once the client is installed on the SmartPhone (Android or iPhone) the user will be able to control all the associated devices (nodes). Of course you can buy our nodes but if you want to try it first you can just use a tablet or an old mobile as a Node. It is really easy. In that way, you will check how your environment or home works. We have developed our own security protocol in order to communicate the node and the Client guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information transmitted.

eKameno is created with the objective of getting to know the user’s special needs and this is the reason why we are strong. eKameno is an open project and everyone is invited to join us. You can join us as a user using the platform at your home or as a developer of the plug-in for the integration of new devices on the platform.

How does it work? The system works by plug-ins (the plug-in could be self-made or made by others). This plug-in controls the devices and make that the devices perform as we want according to the external events taking place. For instance, we could set up the movement detection in order to get an alarm or a real time image on our mobile when someone enters our home. This is not new, isn’t it? What about the voice detection? We can set up the voice detection to put music just by saying “classic music” or turn on the lights. This is not new enough for you? So what about the AI (artificial intelligence)? This allows you to talk with your home, speaking about life or whatever, you can ask for a joke, the weather forecast, some word definition or maybe who the president of your country is (if you don’t know it).

This is eKameno, and we want your help to make it happen!

But…What can I do?

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