Thank you for your patience, now it is time to satisfy your curiosity. All you have asked to us is “What eKameno is for?” well, here you have the answer.

We have done a video talking about the actual eKameno Little skills. But we have much more skills coming up!

The first version of eKameno Little have the followings skills by default:

  • Security alarm system with motion sensor that sent us real time pictures.
  • We can get real time pictures of our home at any time.
  • Music control, next track, turn up the volume, turn down the volume…
  • Lights control (you need a x10 pack, we let you know whick devices we are using nowadays).
  • You can do all of these things trough your smartphone!

We have developed these skills for now, but eKameno Liitle includes a opensource plugin system that allows everyone to develop a new skill integrating new devices, appliances, sensors, doors, windows…for instance we can configure the coffe machine in order to make the coffe every morning at 8:00 o’clock. You probability can do every activity that you can imagine!

This opensource plugin system make us different that anyone else. You can choose your devices and you can develop your own plugins whit eKameno Little. Don’t worry if you don’t know programming plugins. You could learn form the knowledge and experience of the other users and you could download plugins already done by others. ;)

If you want it, you can use this for FREE!!! It is a good start, isn’t it?!

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