We offer you the next video in the video section! In this ocation we talk about music and that is why we will talk about a normal day. Imagine that you arriving home after work and it is time to relax. Your house have been safe all day long thanks to eKameno alarm. You turn off the alarm, you turn on the lights and you play your favourite music. Wait!…have I done all this stuff trough my mobile Phone?Yes you did! This is what we are offering to you.

Let us to focus in the music skill now, you can play your playlists, move to next song, display the song name and control the volume from your couch. If you have also a bluetooth device you will be able to do all of these things by voice commands. You can add your music into the system in a simple way. Uploading your music folders inside the SD card eKameno will automatically recognize each one as a different playlist. We can say as a briefing that eKameno is the easiest way to put a background sound system in your home.

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