Independently of the technical idea of the project, we are sure that there is a different way to work. Working without egoism and injustice. We change these values for a different ones like honesty, collaboration and equity. We want to prove that nowadays it is possible to achieve big goals by just joining individual efforts to work in community.

For that reason we publish the internal Philosophy document. This is a generic document, but will be the guide in every decision in the future. The document is summarized as follows:

  • Think about the user purposes, and the rest will happen
  • Innovation is your last name
  • Collaboration is the best model in the internet
  • Equity makes us strong, not the opposite
  • The world always have been changing by little things
  • When you think that something is really good, picture the next step
  • It is amazing what you can do by thinking about the collective interest
  • It is not necessary to wear a suit to work professionally
  • There is no foe for a community with a great goal
  • A perfect project is better than 100 great projects
  • Sharing makes us go forward
  • Unlearn to discover how far you can get
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