If you haven’t read “The idea” and “Domotica 2.0” sections, we recommend you to do so before you keep on reading this. The system possibilities are almost endless given its wide range of ways in which the system can evolve.

Anyway, eKameno team provides specific examples:

  • Talking with your house using services such as CLEVERBOT

  • Control of music, TV, doors, digital frames, electrical appliances, etc. through remote control, voice control or even visual recognition.

  • Developments on telemedicine area in order to give a better healthcare to those people needing special medical attention while preserving their privacy.

  • Mobile notices about any anormal activity taking place in our home while we are away such as housebraking, fire, voltage drop, flooding, etc.

  • Security system with motion or sound sensors in order to receive automatic reports such as alarm in our mobile, real time pictures and alarm signal in our home when anormal activity is detected while we are away from home.

The open hardware and open source community allow the system to evolve in many different ways.

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