How did the project originates? We did a lot of open sessions and we organized the tasks using the Scrum working method. We defined an internal philosophy that always has stamped a collaborative personality on the project developing.

Who is behind eKameno? Nowadays, the company behind eKameno is eKameno Apps.

IMG_4083Santi Iglesias: Co-Founder Linkedin

I am a divergent mind with their pros and cons, #veryFan of whoever rethink any axioms, I appreciate the journey more than the end and I am self taught. Today I think on that and tomorrow on there, but I am especially proud of eKameno, for me is an escape where you can learn and realize all these ideas and challenges. Lorem ipsum ;)

IMG_4088_2Guillem Castellví: Co-Founder Linkedin

Making this project happen is the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced, it’s an all-in bet, so I get involved not only professionally but also personally. This project give us the chance to take a lot of decisions and learn from them. I feel lucky to be part of eKameno and I feel proud to choose this stimulating path, dynamic and full of challenges.

sergiosalaSergio Sala: Collaborator Linkedin

Being a part of a useful project such as eKameno is always great. Besides, I feel it like my own project, having the possibility of creating it from scratch. Collaborating in eKameno has enabled me to achieve some of my professional goals given that I’ve been able to strengthen my creativity and professional resources by putting them to the service of a growing project.

IMG_4078_2Carlos Hellín: Collaborator Linkedin

eKameno is a parallel challenge to my career in the Media. Develop, publicite chances and find a good market penetration, are a great reward and personal encouragement that I can not leave pass. While eKameno is surfing into home networks, I will be sailing the Mediterranean sea according to the rock bands that I fancy.

IMG-20130402-WA0000Esther Álvarez: Collaborator Linkedin

eKameno has been made by the effort of an entuthiastic, creative and innovated mind and it is growing every day thanks to team work methodology and horizontal hierarchy which enhance individual qualities. Working with such high talented professionals with great human abilities in this useful project designed for peolple is more than just working, is a great opportunity to have fun at work doing what we like more.. Being part of this team and the eKameno project makes the things we do meaningful as never before in my work experience.

Alexandra Rueda: Advisor Linkedin

Ismael Faro: Advisor Linkedin

A special thanks to:

  • Álex de los Reyes Video song, Colorlife (Radio mix).
  • Jordi Pérez Aurelius illustration.
  • Sergi Giménez Mini-video’s intro.
  • Lydia de Llanos. English voice in the presentation video.
  • Miriam AlarcónTranslation support of website content.
  • To all the people that have been supporting the project; Enrique de la Vega, Iker Doamo, Guillem Crosas, Miguel Ángel Gallego, Pedro Hurtado, Alex Santamaría, Guillem Pérez, Pat Iglesias…